Universität Bonn

Forum Internationale Wissenschaft

Curriculum Vitae

2016 - present University of Bonn (Germany), Forum Internationale Wissenschaft. Research Associate and PhD Candidate. 
2014 - present

Latin American Sociological Association. Co-Researcher: Sociology and its Regional Expressions: Images of the Differentiation of Sociology in Latin America. Chief Researcher: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Arnold-Cathalifaud.
2014 - present University of Chile (Chile), Faculty of Social Sciences. Team Assistant and Researcher: Research Center in Social Systems and Sociocultural Complexity. Chief Director: Prof. Dr. Teresa Matus
2014 - present University of Chile (Chile), Faculty of Social Sciences. Chief Editor: Sistemas Sociales, Journal of Sociological Theory [www.sistemassociales.com]
2014 - 2015 Latin American Sociological Association • Assistant of Archive and Contents President: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Arnold-Cathalifaud
2014 - 2015 University of Chile (Chile), Faculty of Social Sciences • Assistant: Ethics Research Committee. President: Prof. Dr. Marcela Ferrer Lues
2014 - 2015 University of Santiago de Chile (Chile) – Institute of Advanced Studies – IDEA •Research Assistant: Auto-secularization of Christian Thought: A Sociological Observation of Structural and Semantic Transformations of Religion in Contemporary Society. Chief Researcher: Prof. Dr. Cecilia Dockendorff  
 2012-2013                       University of Chile (Chile), Faculty of Social Sciences: Starter Researchers Funds • Chief Researcher: Drug use in the school population of Peñalolén: Observing prevention strategies in the context of inequality of private and public schools.
2012 Finis Terrae University (Chile), Research and Documentation Center of Contemporary Chile • Research Assistant: Social Movements in Chilean XX Century Chief Researcher: M. A. Joaquín Fernández
    Selected Awards and Scholarships
2016 - present DAAD - Becas Chile Scholarship for Doctoral Studies in Germany
2013 Academic Assistant Scholarship - University of Chile, Faculty of Social Sciences
2012 University of Concepción Award (Best Alumni - B. A. in History)
2012 Masters' Scholarship by Chilean National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) Program of Advance Human Capital
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