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The FIW Working Paper are reviewed papers based on current research projects at FIW.
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Ramin Bahrami

Stiftungen und der Faktor Partizipation

Working Paper Archiv

Eric Hendriks-Kim

Adapting to an American world:
The asymmetrical coupling of American and Chinese education

Pascal Goeke & Evelyn Moser

Transformative foundations: Elements of a
sociological theory of organized philanthropic giving

Stefan Priester


Julia Stenzel

Demagogie und Volkstribune
Beobachtungsverhältnisse in Praxen charismatischer Stellvertreterschaft

Ariane Kovac

Redeemed, reborn, forgiven
Local processes of forgiveness and reconciliation
in post-civil war evangelical communities in Ayacucho, Peru

Giovanni Maltese

Towards a Poststructuralist Approach to Religion: A Response to “The Label of ‘Religion’: Migration and Ascriptions of Religious Identities in Contemporary Europe” and a Critique of “Multiple Religious Identities”

Eulberg, Rafaela/ Jacobsen, Annika/ Tillessen, Petra

The Label of 'Religion'. Migration and Aspirations of Religious Identities in Contemporary Europe

Åsnes Sagild, Rebekka / Ahlers, Anna L. 

Working for Harmony and Innovation? Political Inclusion of Diversified Elites via the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Ahlers, Anna L. / Stichweh, Rudolf

The Bipolarity of Democracy and Authoritarianism: Value Patterns, Inclusion Roles and Forms of Internal  Differentiation of Political Systems.

Chumtong, Jason / Kaldewey, David

Beyond the Google Ngram Viewer: Bibliographic Databases and Journal Archives as Tools for the Quantitative Analysis of Scientific and Meta-Scientific Concepts.

Hamann, Julian

The Making of the "Geisteswissenschaften". A Case of Boundary Work?

Krichewsky, Damien

CSR Public Policies in India's Democracy. Ambiguities in the Political Regulation of Corporate Conduct.

Goeke, Pascal / Moser, Evelyn

Markets, Order and Noise. Two Contributions for a Comprehensive Understanding of Modern Markets.

Moser, Evelyn

The Logic of the Soviet Organisational Society. Political Control, the Soviet Village, and World Society.

Stichweh, Rudolf

Politische Demokratie und die funktionale Differenzierung der Gesellschaft. Zur Logik der Moderne.

Kaldewey, David / Russ, Daniela / Schubert, Julia

Following the Problems. Das Programm der Nachwuchsforschergruppe „Entdeckung, Erforschung und Bearbeitung gesellschaftlicher Großprobleme“.

Stichweh, Rudolf

Zum Forschungsprogramm des Forum Internationale Wissenschaft der Universität Bonn.

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