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Prof. Dr. Patrício Langa

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Prof. Dr. Patrício Langa

Associate Fellow, Department for Science Studies


Heussallee 18-24

53113 Bonn

Patrício Langa is a Sociologist and Professor of Higher Education at the Institute for Post-School Studies (IPSS), University of the Western Cape (UWC), Cape Town, South Africa, and Distinguished Professor and formerly Vice-Rector’s adviser for Strategic Planning at Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), Maputo Mozambique. He is a DAAD Research Fellow at the Forum Internationale Wissenschaft, University of Bonn, Germany. Prof. Langa coordinates the IPSS Doctoral Program in Higher Education Studies (DPHES) at the IPSS. He coordinates an International consortium on Comparative Higher Education, Policy, and Innovation Studies (CHEPIS) between IPSS/UWC, UEM, and  KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, offering a Doctoral Degree and Post-Doc Mentorship Program. Prof. Langa has been an affiliated Scientist and Visiting Professor of Sociology, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, and Policy at various universities, including the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the United States of America, Boston, Massachusetts; Lisbon Autonomous University;  and Danube University Krems in Austria, respectively. He holds an Honours degree in Sociology from Eduardo Mondlane University, a master’s degree in Higher Education Studies from the University of Cape Town, and a PhD in Sociology and Education with a major in Higher Education Studies from the University of Cape Town. He was the first Executive Director for External Evaluation in the National Council on Higher Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Mozambique (CNAQ). He currently serves on the board of Non-Executive Directors. Prof Langa founded and was Director of the Centre for Higher Education Studies and Development (CESD) in Mozambique. He is also the founder of the African Consortium of Higher Education Researchers (ACHER) in Ghana. Prof Langa is one of three founding trustees of the well-established African Minds Publishing and founding President of an international African-based agency that promotes global academic mobility and studies abroad programs dubbed STAN-Global. He is also the founding member and Current President of the Mozambican Sociological Association (A.M.S.). His research interest is at the intersection of sociology, Higher Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Studies (HESTIP). He has published in both Sociology and HESTIPS journals.



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