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PhD Project

The doctoral project explores how everyday negotiation processes of secularity unfold in the social context of schools. From a study of religion perspective, she investigates the negotiation processes surrounding the legitimate role of "religion" – and also "non-religion" – in the everyday school life of 11th-grade students through ethnographic field research. The focus of the work is not to center conflicts but rather to examine seemingly fleeting, everyday moments where reference to the religious field is made and secularity comes into play without attracting much attention. The interest lies not in the specific design of the lessons but more in the social interactions among different social groups in the school setting. Secularity is understood as a negotiation process concerning the role of religious and ideological differences in a specific context and which of these differences are perceived as legitimate. On a theoretical level, the work also explores how everyday theory and secularity theory can mutually enrich each other, as well as how both can be researched.

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