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Intl. Conf. on Agency, Analog RPGs, & Asymmetrical Dependency
Bonn Lab for Analog ...
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International Conference on "Agency, Analog Tabletop Role-Playing Games, and Asymmetrical Dependency" The "Bonn Lab for Analog Games and Imaginative Play" at ...
10. Sommeruniversität für DAAD-Lektor*innen
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10. Sommeruniversität für DAAD-Lektor*innen: Aushandlungsprozesse über Flucht und Migration weltweit: Fallbeispiele und aktuelle Debatten Die ...
5th Conference of the German Network for Forced Migration Studies
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The conference is entitled “Regional and Local Responses to Global Refugee Movements: Contexts, Challenges, Solutions”. The Conference is organised in ...

Call for Panels: 5th Conference of the German Network for Forced Migration Studies, 16.-18.September 2024, Bonn

We are pleased to announce that the international Conference of the German Network for Forced Migration Studies (NWFF) jointly organised with collaborative project “Forced Migration and Refugee Studies: Networking and Knowledge Transfer” (FFVT) and the European Coalition of Migrants and Refugees (EU COMAR) will be hosted in Bonn in September 2024.

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