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Björn Müller-Bohlen

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Björn Müller-Bohlen


Heussallee 18-24

53113 Bonn


Björn Müller-Bohlen has a background in media and cultural studies, as well as in business and law. Before joining Bonn University as a researcher, where he was also in charge of the development and improvement of study programs and science communications. He was a trainer and consultant in the field of youth & adult education. Besides, he worked as a project manager for music & media productions. Since 2013 he serves as executive manager for the Forum of International Academic Sciences’ unit for Strategic Partnerships, developing projects and activities for a transformative science.

Research Interest:

  • Organisational Design and Change Thories
  • Modes of Civil Society Cooperations
  • Third Mission-Strategies
  • Conceptualizations of Incubators und Accelerators
  • Design Thinking
  • Facilitation in Intersectoral cooperations
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