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  • Climate Engineering. How a Curious Scientific Idea became Serious Politics. Evening Lecture, Colby College, September 2019, Waterville, Maine, USA.
  • Engineering the Climate. The Career of an Unlikely Innovation?! Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting, September 2019, New Orleans, USA.
  • Expert Infrastructures in Grand Challenges. The Case of Geoengineering in the US. Higher Seminar Series - Spring 2018, Division of the History of Science, Technology, and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 09.04.2018, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Grand Societal Challenges: Realigning Science-Policy Interfaces Today? The Curious Career of Geoengineering. Konferenz "Science-Policy-Interfaces: Kommunikation zwischen Wissenschaft und Politik", Zeppelin Universität, 2.2.2018, Friedrichshafen.
  • Engineering the Climate: Science, Politics, and the Emergence of a Plan B against Climate Change (1850 - 2017). Workshop "The Politics of Grand Challenges" am Forum Internationale Wissenschaft, Universität Bonn, 26.01.2018.
  • Hacking the Planet?! Zur Geschichte gezielter menschlicher Klimakontrolle. DIES Academicus der Universität Bonn, 06.12.2017, Bonn.
  • The Geoengineering Problem Career in U.S. Political Decision Making. FIW Forschungskolloquium, 27.06.2017, Bonn.
  • Quantifying the Challenge: Numerical Expertise in U.S. Geoengineering Politics. Zweite Projekt Konferenz zu "Science, Numbers, and Politics", Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, 09.06.2017, Heidelberg.
  • Addressing Climate Change as an Engineering Challenge. Scientific Expertise in U.S. Geoengineering Politics. Noontime Seminar at the Center for Science and Technology Policy, CIRES at the University of Colorado at Boulder, CO (USA), 22.02.2017, Boulder, CO, USA.
  • Climate Change as an 'Engineering Challenge'. Mapping the Interface of Science and Politics. Erste Projektkonferenz zu "Science, Numbers and Politics", Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, 28.4.2016, Heidelberg.
  • Scientific Expertise in Politics. The Case of Climate Engineering in the US. FIW Kolloquium, 24.02.2016, Bonn.
  • Politisches Entscheiden in der Wissensgesellschaft. Ringvorlesung "Perspektiven der Wissenschaftsforschung", Universität Bonn, 25.01.2016, Bonn.

  • Scientific Expertise in Politics. Conceptualizing an ‘Organized Interface’ between Science and Politics. The 5th Berlin Summer School in Social Sciences, July 19th - 01.08.2015, Berlin.

  • Verwissenschaftlichung der Politik? Eine Analyse massenmedialer Darstellungskontexte politischen Entscheidens (1946-2011). FIW-Kolloquium,07.05.2015, Bonn, mit Daniela Ruß.
  • The Organizational Interface of Science and Politics. Towards a Conceptual Framework. The 2nd International WIPCAD Conference on "Contested Public Organizations: Knowledge, Coordination, Strategy", 04.12. - 06.12.2014, Potsdam.