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Dr. Julia Schubert

Postdoctoral Researcher

Julia Schubert

Forum Internationale Wissenschaft
Abteilung Wissenschaftsforschung 
Heussallee 18-24
D-53113 Bon

Phone: +49 228 73 62 985
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Interview: Scientists Informing Congress. How Julia Schubert Uses Geoengineering Policy as a Case Study

Julia Schubert is a Research Associate in the Department of Science Studies at the FIW Bonn. 

As part of the Mercator research project on the Politics and Sociology of Science, her research lies at the interface of political sociology, STS, historical sociology, and environmental studies. Her work mainly addresses the interrelation of science, technology, and policy in modern world society. She explores the "careers" of global societal challenges, i.e. the expert observations that shape and the institutions that stabilize them. Current research projects particularly concern the emerging debate of geoengineering, i.e. suggestions to deliberately intervene in the natural climate system to address symptoms or causes of anthropogenic climate change.

In 2019, Julia defended her dissertation thesis on "Engineering the Climate. Science, Politics, and the Career of a Plan B" (supervision Rudolf Stichweh, David Kaldewey) at the University of Bonn with distinction (summa cum laude). She graduated from Heidelberg University with a M.A. in sociology, top of her class. As a Fulbright Scholar, she conducted field research at the CIRES Center for Science and Technology Policy at the University of Colorado, Boulder. 

Together with Julian Hamann and David Kaldewey, she was awarded the first prize of the Austrian Academy of Sciences for a contribution on the societal relevance of research.


Research Interests & Projects

  • Interrelations of Science, Technology, and Policy in Modern World Society
  • Sociology of Climate Change and Geoengineering Expertise
  • Engineering the Climate. Science, Politics, and the Career of a Plan B (PhD thesis)
  • Science Studies; Sociology of Expertise; Epistemic Communities
  • Historical Sociology
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