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The Role of Language in the Politics of Science, Technology, and Innovation


  • Interdisciplinary Network: Conceptual Approaches to Science, Technology, and Innovation (

  • Identity Work and Boundary Work (David Kaldewey and Désirée Schauz)

Selected Publications

  • Flink, Tim / Kaldewey, David (2018): The New Production of Legitimacy. STI Policy Discourses Beyond the Contract Metaphor. Research Policy 47(1), S. 14-22.

  • Kaldewey, David (2018): The Grand Challenges Discourse. Transforming Identity Work in Science and Science Policy. Minerva 56(2), S. 161-182.

  • Kaldewey, David / Schauz, Désirée (Hg.) (2018): Basic and Applied Research. The Language of Science Policy in the Twentieth Century. New York: Berghahn Books.

  • Chumtong, Jason / Kaldewey, David (2017): Beyond the Google Ngram Viewer. Bibliographic Databases and Journal Archives as Tools for the Quantitative Analysis of Scientific and Meta-Scientific Concepts. FIW Working Paper No. 8, Bonn.

  • Désirée Schauz: Umstrittene Analysekategorie – erfolgreicher Protestbegriff. Debatten über Ökonomisierung der Wissenschaft in der jüngsten Geschichte. In: Rüdiger Graf (Hg.) Ökonomisierung. Debatten und Praktiken in der Zeitgeschichte. Göttingen: Wallstein Verlag 2019, S. 262–296.
  • David Kaldewey/Désirée Schauz, „The Politics of Pure Science“ Revisited. In: Science and Public Policy 44/6 (2017), S. 883–886 ( ).
  • Benoît Godin/Désirée Schauz: The Changing Identity of Research: A Cultural and Conceptual History. In: History of Science 54/3 (2016), S. 276–306.
  • Désirée Schauz: Wissenschaftsgeschichte und das Revival der Begriffsgeschichte. In: NTM 22 (2015), Heft 3, S. 53–63, DOI: 10.1007/s00048-015-0127-y.
  • Désirée Schauz: Wissenschaftspolitische Sprache als Gegenstand von Forschung und disziplinärer Selbstreflexion – Das Programm des Forschungsnetzwerks CASTI. In: Forum interdisziplinäre Begriffsgeschichte 3 (2014), Heft 2, S. 49–61.
  • Désirée Schauz: What is Basic Research? Insights from Historical Semantics. In: Minerva 52 (2014), S. 273–328 (open access).


  • The Language of Science Policy in the 21st Century (Open Panel at the 4S Conference in New Orleans 2019)

  • Models and Concepts of Research in a Global Perspective (Workshop, 29./30. November 2018, FIW Bonn)

  • "Basic and Applied Research. Historical Semantics of a Key Distinction in 20th Century Science Policy" (International Conference, 20.-22. Februar 2014)


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