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Science, Politics and the Transformation of Expertise

  • PhD-Project: Wie setzen wissenschaftsfördernde Stiftungen ihre Anliegen um? Die Herstellung von kommunikativen Anschlüssen in Austauschprozessen und Grenzarbeit (Ramin Bahrami, ongoing)
  • PhD-Project: Engineering the Climate. Science, Politics, and the Career of a Plan B (Julia Schubert, completed 2019)
  • PhD-Project: Working Nature: A Historical Epistemology of the Energy Economy (Daniela Russ, completed 2019)
  • Junior research group "Discovering, Exploring, and Addressing Grand Societal Challenges" (funded by Stiftung Mercator, 2014–2018)

  • Summer School: Science and Politics - Exploring Relations Between Academic Research, Higher Education, and Science Policy (10.-14. September 2018)
  • Workshop: The Politics of Grand Challenges (25./26. Januar 2018) 
  • Workshop: Responsivität in Wissenschaft, Politik und Wirtschaft (17.-19. September 2015) 
  • Lecture Series: "Perspektiven der Moderne: Die Responsivität der Wissenschaft" (Sommersemester 2014)
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