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Identity Work in Science and Academia

  • One of these papers in the pipeline: Was bedeutet Systemrelevanz in Zeiten der Pandemie? (David Kaldewey)

  • PhD-Project: Das Wissenschaftsverständnis der Policy Maker im Deutschen Bundestag: eine Untersuchung der gegenwärtigen normativen Grundlagen wissenschaftspolitischen Handelns (Eric Becker, ongoing)

  • PhD-Project: From Scientific Medicine to Biomedicine: The Language of Modern Medicine and the Making of Disciplinary Identity in Germany and the USA (Phillip Roth, completed 2021)

  • Workshop: Models and Concepts of Research in a Global Perspective (29./30. November 2018)

  • Conference: "Basic and Applied Research. Historical Semantics of a Key Distinction in 20th Century Science Policy" (20.-22. Februar 2014)
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