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Termin: 25.01.2018 Uhrzeit: 12:00 - 26.01.2018 Uhrzeit: 15:30

Workshop "The Politics of Grand Challenges"


Die Nachwuchsforschergruppe zur „Entdeckung, Erforschung und Bearbeitung gesellschaftlicher Großprobleme“ (Leitung: Kaldewey) veranstaltet im Januar 2018 ihren Abschlussworkshop:

In a final workshop on "The Politics of Grand Challenges“ (January 25th - 26th), the research group "Discovering, Exploring, and Addressing Grand Societal Challenges" will present its work and put it in a broader context. The program will be structured around four case studies, each addressing distinct societal challenges - energy, digitalization, climate, and health - from a sociological or historical perspective. External commentators, representing diverse perspectives within the science policy studies, provide the background against which the case studies are discussed. The programmatic idea is to reflect the research group’s analytical outlook on studying the science-politics interrelationship by means of "following a problem" with different scholars from the field.

Interested guests are welcome to register with us and join the discussion!


Der Workshop wird auf Englisch stattfinden.

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