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Termin: 10.12.2014 Uhrzeit: 18:15 - 19:45 ( Mittwoch )

Unfolding GIS practices in cities: from geographic governance to citizen surveillance

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Referent/in: Prof. Dr. Karin Pfeffer, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Digital geo-technologies such as geographical information systems (GIS) and online applications and location-based digital data are increasingly becoming embedded in urban governance processes to produce, utilize, exchange, and monitor contextual knowledge and create spatial imaginaries for the future. Due to their generic nature, they are utilized in a variety of urban sectors for different purposes. Common GIS-based applications are municipal information systems to support operational processes of line departments within local government; the development of spatial knowledge about the needs of urban residents and their living environment; or the design of spatial interventions and long-term visions influencing city development. Furthermore, online-applications provide interfaces for information flows between government actors, and increasingly between government and citizens or among citizens. This talk unfolds the ‘capacity’ of GIS for geographic governance in cities. It does so by analysing existing GIS practices, with its challenges and limitations, by means of illustrative examples from cities being analysed in the chance2sustain research project ( as well as Amsterdam. It concludes with raising some future governance challenges for cities, in particular with respect to the social and environmental implications for new developments such as the Smart City concept and Big Data aiming at making a city more sustainable and liveable.

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