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Termin: 16.01.2019 Uhrzeit: 18:00 - 19:30 ( Mittwoch )

Political inclusion and statelessness: an exploration of (non)citizenship

Reihe: Perspektiven der Moderne

Referentin: Laura van Waas, Department of European and International Public Law, Tilburg University

Abstract: Human beings are political animals, living together in communities. Political inclusion is therefore essential to the human condition, as Hannah Arendt described, because it provides “a place in the world which makes opinions significant and actions effective”. In our contemporary nation-state system, citizenship denotes political inclusion and forms a cornerstone of democratic society. Yet citizenship regimes also exclude, creating non-citizens. An estimated 15 million people in the world today face extreme political exclusion in the form of statelessness. Again drawing from Arendt, their lack of citizenship means they are deprived “not only of protection, but also of all clearly established, officially recognized identity”. In this talk, Dr. Laura van Waas will explore (non)citizenship in our globalized world by discussing the phenomenon of statelessness, looking at examples of how states are using citizenship as a weapon of exclusion and highlighting how the international community is, in response, working to promote the inclusion of the stateless.   

Zur Referentin: Dr. Laura van Waas is Co-Director of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, as well as Assistant Professor at Tilburg Law School. In fifteen years of working on statelessness, Laura has carried out a wide array of research and teaching projects, both within academia and for the UN Refugee Agency. She has conducted studies for, among others, Plan International, the OHCHR, Open Society Foundations, the Women’s Refugee Commission, the United States Department of State, the European Parliament and the Norwegian Refugee Council.


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