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Termin: 17.04.2019 Uhrzeit: 18:00 - 19:30 ( Mittwoch )

Is There an Emerging Chinese “Model” of the University? Reflections on the Facts and Discourses

Reihe: Perspektiven der Moderne
Referent/in: Prof. Qiang Zha

Referent: Prof. Qiang Zha, Faculty of Education, York University, Canada

Abstract: Against the backdrop of China’s dramatic economic growth, Chinese higher education has caught the world’s attention with the bold move of simultaneously pushing for rapid enrollment growth, constituting new governance structures, and seeking to build world-class universities. This, in turn, propels a discourse that there is an emerging Chinese model of the university. Certainly, the rich tradition and culture of higher learning in China add to rigor of this discourse. In the meantime, there are other discourses that challenge the perspective that advocates a Chinese model.

This presentation attempts to provide an analytical overview of the discussions on this theme. This overview is further framed by a discussion of the definition of a university model. Furthermore, and specific to Chinese universities, two important topics are taken into account, namely, equality/equity and internationalization in higher education, which in turn contribute to a robust as well as critical analysis of this discourse.

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