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Termin: 17.02.2016 Uhrzeit: 18:00 - 19:30

The Ungovernable Large Metropolis? Governance, Politics, Democracy

Reihe: Perspektiven der Moderne
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Prof. Dr. Patrick Le Galès - Directeur de recherche CNRS au Centre d’études européennes de Sciences Po et professeur à Sciences Po, FBA. Il co dirige le groupe de recherche ›Cities are back in Town‹ à Sciences Po



Large metropolis from 15, 25, tomorrow 50 million inhabitants are often identified in the literature as places of informality, policy failure, "insurgent citizenship", post politics or neo liberal chaos. Several critical urban scholars have called for new theory from the global south to make sense of those "new developments".
The paper suggests to develop a non linear conception of governance to make sense of what is built, regulated, contested in large metropolis, including the idea that many urban developments are not connected or controlled by democratic processes 
It also opens the debate with the view supported by lefevrian scholars analysing urbanisation processes at the expense of the idea of cities and metropolis and places.
By using examples from European cities but also Mexico, Sao Paolo, Istanbul, Lagos and Los Angelès, the paper tries to show that by identifying what is governed and not governed in large metropolis is a path to understand the transformation of those metropolis and the role of political regulations.

Perspektiven der Moderne



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