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Termin: 18.05.2016 Uhrzeit: 18:00 ( s.t. ) - 19:30 ( s.t. ) ( Mittwoch )

New Perspectives on Corruption and its Enemies in a Globalizing World: Criminalization, Risk and Anticipatory Logics

Reihe: Perspektiven der Moderne
Referent/in: Prof. Dr. Hans Krause Hansen

Global Challenges Referent

Hans Krause Hansen, Copenhagen Business School


How are we to understand growing attempts amongst transnational businesses to collectively reduce the risk of corruption in their business operations, supply chains and interactions with states around the world? How are such endeavors linked to wider transformations in the role of public and private authority in the global political economy and what are the broader implications of this development? This paper aims to provide some tentative answers to these questions. Drawing on theories of private authority and related scholarship on governance by transparency and anticipation the paper critically explores recent developments in the criminalization of corruption and the surge of voluntary collective action initiatives driven by businesses targeting corruption. A special focus is put on the case of the maritime industry, including the ways in which the problem of corruption is problematized as well as how and why collective corporate policing of corruption is on the rise. Based on this examination the paper finally revisits insights from research on private authority and related concepts to discuss how the policing of corruption undertaken by corporations nowadays intersect with changes in the organization and interaction of public and private authority and patterns of policing around the world, including the shift from 'post-crime', reactive interventions, towards increasing attempts at forestalling ‘bad things’, 'pre-crime’ through risk technologies and other anticipatory logics.




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