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Date: Nov 18, 2020 Time: 18:00 - 19:30 ( Wednesday )

From climatic paradigm to socio-ecological metamorphosis?

Series: Perspektiven der Moderne
Referee: Kaat Louckx and Damien Krichewsky


Concerns for the ecological footprint of modern society are not a new phenomenon, and even climate change was discussed as early as in the late 18th century. However, the way in which society perceives and tackles ecological problems has changed substantially in recent decades, making the future of modernity seem more uncertain than ever. By combining historical and sociological perspectives with material from their respective research on climate statistics and the politics of river governance in India, Kaat Louckx and Damien Krichewsky will analyze continuities and discontinuities between modern approaches to environmental problems and the emergence of a new ecological reflexivity. The lecture will develop the hypothesis that contemporary ecological reflexivity spurs processes of socio-ecological metamorphosis that create alternative cultural and institutional pathways out of the modern paradigm.


The lectures by the FIW can be taken into account for the certificate for international competence (component D2).


Public access: Yes
Opening time: 17:45
Location: Internet
Event host: Forum Internationale Wissenschaft
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