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Prof. Dr. Adrian Hermann

Professor for Religion and Society and Director of the Department for Religion Studies

Porträt Hermann

Forum Internationale Wissenschaft
Department for Religion Studies

Heussallee 18–24
D- 53113 Bonn

Office 1.214

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Phone: +49 228 / 73 - 62 976


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My research focuses on theoretical and historical issues regarding the globalization of the category of "religion" and the religious history of the globalized world.

At the moment I am working on projects in the following fields:

1) Theoretical conceptualizations and historical genealogies of a global discourse of "religion".

2) The global history of Christianity with a particular focus on the Philippines around 1900.

3) Religious modernisms in Asia and Europe around 1900.

4) The role of documentary media, especially documentary film, in modern religious history.


Curriculum Vitae

since 2/2017: Professor (W3) for Religion and Society at Forum Internationale Wissenschaft, Universität Bonn

4/2015–1/2017: Assistant Professor (W1) für Religious Studies and World Christianity, University of Hamburg

since 10/2014: Member of the Network "Young ZiF" of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Bielefeld 

9/2014–3/2015: Post-Doc Fellowship of the SNSF, Visiting Scholar at Utrecht University and Stanford University

8/2013–8/2014: Post-Doc Researcher at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

8/2012–7/2013: Post -Doc Fellowship of the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

7/2011–06/2012: Post-Doc Researcher, University of Basel 

10/2011: Dr. phil in the Study of Religion, University of Basel

9/2008–8/2011: PhD Student at Pro*Doc „Interferenzen von Religion mit Politik und Wirtschaft im Spiegel ihrer Konstruktionsgeschichten“, Universities of Basel, Zürich, Luzern

7/2006–6/2009: PhD Student at DFG-Research Training School "World Society", University of Bielefeld

2002–2006: Study of Theatre Studies, Study of Religion, and American Literary History at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (M.A.)


Selected Publications

2015, Unterscheidungen der Religion. Analysen zum globalen Religionsdiskurs und zum Problem der Differenzierung von ,Religion‘ in buddhistischen Kontexten des 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhunderts, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Edited Volumes and Special Issues

2016 (ed. with K. Koschorke, C. Burlacioiu, and P. Mogase): Discourses of Indigenous Christian Elites in Colonial Societies in Asia and Africa around 1900. A Documentary Sourcebook from Selected Journals, Harrassowitz: Wiesbaden.

2016 (ed. with Ciprian Burlacioiu and Peter C. Phan), „The Munich School of World Christianity“, Themenheft des Journal of World Christianity (Heft 1/2016, 1–216).

Journal Articles

2016, „Studying religion, audiovisual media, and the production of the ‘religious real’: introducing a review symposium on Birgit Meyer’s Sensational Movies (2015)“, Religion 46/4, 611–629.

2016, „Publicizing Independence. Thoughts on the Filipino ilustrado Isabelo de los Reyes, the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, and the Emergence of an Indigenous-Christian Public Sphere“, in: Journal of World Christianity 6/1, 99–122.

2016 (with Ciprian Burlacioiu), „Current Debates about the Approach of the ,Munich School‘ and Further Perspectives on the Interdisciplinary Study of the History of World Christianity“, in: Journal of World Christianity 6/1, 63–81.

2016 (with Ciprian Burlacioiu), „Introduction: Klaus Koschorke, the ,Munich School‘ and New Perspectives on the History of World Christianity“, in: Journal of World Christianity 6/1, 4–27. 

2014, „The Early Periodicals of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (1903–1904) and the Emergence of a Transregional and Transcontinental Indigenous-Christian Public Sphere“, in: Philippine Studies. Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints 62/3–4, 549–565. 

2011 (with Alexandra Grieser and Katja Triplett), „Museality as a matrix of the production, reception, and circulation of knowledge concerning religion“, in: Journal of Religion in Europe 4/1, 40–70.

Book Chapters

(2017), „Screening the Father of Lights: Documentary Film and the Aesthetics of the Nonfictional in Contemporary Religion“, in: Grieser, A. / Johnston, J. (Eds.): The Sensory Sacred: Aesthetics as a Connective Concept for the Study of Religion, Berlin: de Gruyter (in print).

2016, „Distinctions of Religion. The Search for Equivalents of ‚Religion‘ and the Challenge of Theorizing a ‚Global Discourse of Religion‘“, in: Wijsen, F. / von Stuckrad, K. (Eds.): Making Religion. Theory and Practice in the Discursive Study of Religion, Leiden: Brill, 97–124 (28 Seiten).

2015 (with Jürgen Mohn), „Das Konzept der ,Europäischen Religionsgeschichte‘ und die Orte ihrer Verdichtung und Verflechtung. Eine Hinführung“, in: Hermann, Adrian / Mohn, Jürgen (Eds.): Orte der europäischen Religionsgeschichte, Würzburg: Ergon, 9–33. 2015, 

2015, „Imagining Mount Meru. Mediale Bedingungen religiöser und wissenschaftlicher Imaginationsräume und der Wandel kosmo-geographischer Raumvorstellungen im buddhistischen Modernismus des 19. Jahrhunderts“, in: Wilke, Annette / Traut, Lucia (Eds.): Religion – Imagination – Ästhetik: Vorstellungs- und Sinneswelten in Religion und Kultur, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 235–269. 

2013, „Differenzierungsnarrative. Narrationsbezogene Überlegungen zum Verhältnis von ,Religion‘ und ,Wissenschaft‘ in modernen buddhistischen Kontexten“, in: Brahier, Gabriela / Johannsen, Dirk (Eds.): Konstruktionsgeschichten. Narrationsbezogene Ansätze in der Religionsforschung, Würzburg: Ergon, 295–318.



Courses on global Christianity, Buddhism (with a focus on Southeast Asia), and systematic topics like "Religion and Globalization", "Religion and Gender" or "Religion and Media".

You can find information on current courses taught by members of the FIW at Lehre

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