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New Perspectives on Religion in the Philippines

Consolidation of a scholarly network and publication of a handbook on the history and present of religion in the Philippines: „New Perspectives on Religion in the Philippines“ (2015–2020)

The Philippines has always been a crossroads of diverse religious encounters: between indigenous religions, Islam, Iberian and American Catholicism, Protestantism, indigenous Christian and non-Christian traditions, as well as various Charismatic movements. At the same time, it has been a marginal space, at the geographical margin of Asia and the intellectual margins of scholarship on religion in Southeast Asia and the study of Christianity and Islam. The network will establish a space at the American Academy of Religion (AAR) for presenting and discussing innovative research on religion in the Philippines and incorporate new perspectives in the study of its religious history. It will contribute to understanding the Philippines not as a marginal space, but as an important node in a global history of transregional and transcontinental religious interactions. As an AAR seminar (which will run from 2015 to 2019) the project has two clear goals: publishing an extensive edited volume on “New Perspectives on Religion in the Philippines” – where no such volume currently exists – and creating a much-needed public forum at AAR for discussing research on religion in the Philippines.


From September 9–12, 2017, the Department of Religion Studies will hold a first international workshop in Bonn, bringing together potential authors for the planned edited volume.

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