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Reflexivity in (Forced) Migration Studies


Reflexivity in (Forced) Migration Studies

The starting point of the project is that research on (forced) migration takes place in a highly polarized context. At the same time, the need for evidence-based information through science communication is high, as migration movements and management policies are complex. Given the sensitivity of this issue involving vulnerable people, a reflexive-critical attitude of researchers is particularly important, both in the research process and in communicating the results to the broader public.

In order to reflect on the role of science and its potential for a sustainable approach to (forced) migration, we see the need for inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation. We aim at integrating diverse perspectives and methodologies in the study of forced migration and at establishing collaborations with non-academic stakeholders. Bonn has a specific potential for our project to explore such collaborative formats for joint knowledge production on (forced) migration. It is home to a high density of expertise in the research field, both at universities and in non-university research, as well as in non-academic practice. This diversity of research approaches and foci offers particular potential for transdisciplinary dialogue and joint reflection.

In regular round tables, we bring together colleagues to discuss topics and lines of conflict in which science and non-academic practice face challenges. The project will develop initial action options and approaches to contribute constructively to public discourse and its political dimension of action, for example by participating in the 5th Conference of the German Network for Forced Migration Studies

The project is financially supported by the Transdisciplinary Research Area 'Individuals, Institutions and Societies' of the University of Bonn and implemented in cooperation with the Bonn Research Alliance (BORA) and the Bonner Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelles Lernen e.V. (BIM).

Project Team

Dr. des. Maria Ullrich, Forum Internationale Wissenschaft (FIW)
Dr. Lena Laube, Forum Internationale Wissenschaft (FIW)
Bahia Amellal, Forum Internationale Wissenschaft (FIW)
Prof. Dr. Conrad Schetter, Bonn Centre for Conflict Studies (BICC)
Maarit Thiem, Bonn Center for Conflict Studies (BICC)
Dr. Sandra Gilgan, Bonn Research Alliance (BORA)
Jure Leko, Bonner Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelles Lernen e.V. (BIM)

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We have set up an email list of currently about 100 people to share information on the project as well as to inform about further activities on forced migration studies in Bonn. Please subscribe through the following link: https://listen.uni-bonn.de/wws/subscribe/bonnplatform-forcedmigration?previous_action=info

Contact: Dr. des. Maria Ullrich

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