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FIW Working Paper

The FIW Working Paper are reviewed papers based on current research projects at FIW. You can download them here or ask for a printed copy.



WP 16 Cover


Pascal Goeke & Evelyn Moser

Transformative foundations: Elements of a
sociological theory of organized philanthropic giving

FIW Working Paper NO. 16 [Download]



WP 14 Cover.jpg Julia Stenzel

Demagogie und Volkstribune
Beobachtungsverhältnisse in Praxen charismatischer Stellvertreterschaft

FIW Working Paper NO. 14 [Download]



WP 13 Cover

Ariane Kovac

Redeemed, reborn, forgiven
Local processes of forgiveness and reconciliation
in post-civil war evangelical communities in Ayacucho, Peru

FIW Working Paper NO. 13 [Download]




Giovanni Maltese

Towards a Poststcucturalist Approach to Religion: A Response to “The Label of ‘Religion’: Migration and Ascriptions of Religious Identities in Contemporary Europe” and a Critique of “Multiple Religious Identities”

FIW Working Paper NO. 12 [Download]

Cover WP No.11

Eulberg, Rafaela/ Jacobsen, Annika/ Tillessen, Petra

The Label of 'Religion'. Migration and Aspirations of Religious Identities in Contemporary Europe

FIW Working Paper NO. 11 [Download]


Cover WP No10

Åsnes Sagild, Rebekka / Ahlers, Anna L. 

Working for Harmony and Innovation? Political Inclusion of Diversified Elites via the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

FIW Working Paper NO. 10 [Download]


Cover WP No9

Ahlers, Anna L./ Stichweh, Rudolf

The Bipolarity of Democracy and Authoritarianism: Value Patterns, Inclusion Roles and Forms of Internal  Differentiation of Political Systems.

FIW Working Paper NO. 9 [Download]

Cover WP No8


Chumtong, Jason/ Kaldewey, David

Beyond the Google Ngram Viewer: Bibliographic Databases and Journal Archives as Tools for the Quantitative Analysis of Scientific and Meta-Scientific Concepts.

FIW Working Paper NO. 8 [Download]

 Cover WP No7

Cover Working Paper No. 6

Hamann, Julian

The Making of the "Geisteswissenschaften". A Case of Boundary Work?

FIW Working Paper NO. 7 [Download]


Krichewsky, Damien

CSR Public Policies in India's Democracy. Ambiguities in the Political Regulation of Corporate Conduct.

FIW Working Paper NO. 6 [Download]



Cover WP 5 .png

Goeke, Pascal/ Moser, Evelyn

Markets, Order and Noise. Two Contributions for a Comprehensive Understanding of Modern Markets.

FIW Working Paper NO. 5 [Download]

FIW Working Paper NO. 3-Cover


FIW_Working_Papert No 4 Cover

Moser, Evelyn

The Logic of the Soviet Organisational Society. Political Control, the Soviet Village, and World Society.

FIW Working Paper NO. 4 [Download]


Stichweh, Rudolf

Politische Demokratie und die funktionale Differenzierung der Gesellschaft. Zur Logik der Moderne.

FIW Working Paper NO. 3 [Download]




FIW Working Paper NO. 2-Cover

Kaldewey, David/ Russ, Daniela/ Schubert, Julia

Following the Problems. Das Programm der Nachwuchsforschergruppe „Entdeckung, Erforschung und Bearbeitung gesellschaftlicher Großprobleme“.

FIW Working Paper NO. 2 [Download]

FIW Working Paper NO. 1-Cover


Stichweh, Rudolf

Zum Forschungsprogramm des Forum Internationale Wissenschaft der Universität Bonn.

FIW Working Paper NO. 01 [Download]


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