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›Perspektiven der Moderne‹ - Lecture Series at the FIW

›Perspektiven der Moderne‹ is the central scientific lecture series at the Forum Internationale Wissenschaft. It is based on the research focus of the FIW and organized by turns by the departments.

The Global Diversity of Universities in the 21st Century

Bild Plakat Global Diversity of Universities

Bonner Universitätsforum, Heussallee 18-24, Room 0.109
on Wednesdays, 6pm - 7:30pm

The view on the global higher education and research system is increasingly shaped by global university rankings that regularly highlight some 500 or 1000 of the best universities. They use methodologically controversial indicators as quality criteria, particularly the numbers of publications and citations in high impact journals. Around the world, nation states currently try to place at least a small number of their universities in the top ranks. As a result, we witness a global standardization of what is imagined to be a globally competitive research university in the 21st century. Scholars have pointed to an “emerging global model” that almost all actors take as a role model. However, only a very small part of the roughly 20,000 Higher Education Institutions around the world is actually included in such discussions.

The lecture series aims to start a discussion about the diversity of universities in the world society in the 21st century beyond the international rankings. For that matter experts from various types of universities around the world will report daily challenges and experiences of those universities that are important for their regional and national context or fulfil specific functions but are not primarily focusing on the global competition race. In other words, it focuses on those universities that are not playing in the first league, yet carry various important traditions and play a tremendous role for millions of students and lecturers.




Is There an Emerging Chinese “Model” of the University? Reflections on the Facts and Discourses

Prof. Qiang Zha, Faculty of Education, York University, Kanada



Chancen und Herausforderungen: Die Realität der Universitäten in Lateinamerika

Dr. Carla Jaimes Betancourt, Institut für Archäologie und Kulturanthropologie, Universität Bonn



Was ist eine Forschungsuniversität? Ideale, Realitäten und Differenzierungen im Hochschulsystem der Weltgesellschaft

Prof. Dr. David Kaldewey, Forum Internationale Wissenschaft, Universität Bonn


Wo bleibt die Musik? Die Universität der Künste als Fallstudie für globale Bildung

Prof. Dr. Tina Frühauf, Graduate Center, City University of New York / Department of Music, Columbia University, NYC



Pathways to Securing the Future of the University in Africa: Insights from South Africa

Prof. Bassey Antia, Department of Linguistics, University of the Western Cape, Südafrika


The Higher Education Industry and Citizen Responses in Africa

Prof. Akosua Adomako Ampofo, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana



Contemporary Challenges and the Public University: Some Reflections from India

Prof. Lakshmi Subramaniam, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta




Previous lecture series

Soziologie politischer Systeme der Gegenwart (WiSe 18/19)

Plakat Soziologie politischer Regime klein

Bonner Universitätsforum, Heussallee 18-24, Room 0.109
on Wednesdays, 6pm - 7:30pm

Lectures in English are linked below.

Please find more information on the German website.





Autokratien und funktionale Differenzierung: Machtsicherung in personalisierten Herrschaftssystemen

Nicolas Hayoz, Interfaculty Institute for Central and Eastern Europe, University of Freiburg


Individuelle und kollektive Inklusion in Demokratien und Autokratien des 21. Jahrhunderts

Rudolf Stichweh, Forum Internationale Wissenschaft, Universität Bonn


Organizing Sub-National Government: What does Scandinavia Tell Us?

Lawrence E. Rose, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo


Political inclusion and statelessness: an exploration of (non)citizenship

Laura van Waas, Department of European and International Public Law, Tilburg University


Zur Herrschaft internationaler Gerichte und Möglichkeiten der Politik

Ingo Venzke, Department of International and European Law, Universiteit van Amsterdam


Political Responsiveness in Democratic Regimes

Laura Morales, Centre d’études européennes et de politique comparée de Sciences Po



Ungleichheit und asymmetrische Abhängigkeiten in der Weltgesellschaft / Inequality and asymmetric Dependencies in World Society (SoSe 2018)

Bonner Universitätsforum, Heussallee 18-24, Room 0.109
on Wednesdays, 6pm - 7:30pm 


 Please find more information on the German website.



Soziologie Globaler Ungleichheiten

Anja Weiß, Institut für Soziologie, Universität Duisburg-Essen


Globale Ungleichheiten - eine relationale Perspektive

Manuela Boatcă, Institut für Soziologie, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg


On “Modern Slavery” and the Ambiguities of Debt and Dependency

Julia O‘Connell Davidson, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol


The Multidimensionality of Inequalities in India: Caste, Class, Gender and Territory

Jules Naudet, Centre d'Études de l'Inde et de l'Asie du Sud, Paris

  • Grenzen der Religion / Boundaries of Religion (WiSe 2017/18)

  • Das Erstarken des Autoritarismus / The rise of Authoritarianism (SoSe 2017)

  • Religion und Politik / Religion and Politics (WiSe 2016/17)
  • Global Challenges (SoSe 2016)
  • Städte der Welt: Komplexität und funktionale Differenzierung / Cities of the World: Complexities and Functional Differentiation (WiSe 2015/16)
  • Inklusion und Exklusion / Inclusion and Exclusion (SoSe 2015)
  • Digitale Gesellschaft / Digital Society (WiSe 2014/15)
  • Die Responsivität der Wissenschaft / The Responsivity of Science (SoSe 2014)
  • Varianten der Demokratie - Alternativen zu Demokratie? / Variations of Democracy - Alternatives to Democracy? (WiSe 2013/14)


Please find more information on previous lecture series on the German website.

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