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Open Southeast Asia : Data. Networks. Civil Society. Southeast Asia.

Workshop on Open Data in Southeast Asia from May 19th to 20th, 2017

The Open Southeast Asia workshop serves as a catalyst for students, professionals (from Governmental Organiszations as well as from NGOs - both are welcome) and academics - empowering them with general knowledge about open data, but also providing examples of how open data is practically applied in Southeast Asia and Germany. 

Moreover, we would like to raise the question how civil society can actually particapte and benefit from it. We are aiming to bring people from different fields together to present their topics and share their ideas.

Beyond that, we set up a special issue of the südostasien magazine (03/2017) in regard of open data and social media in the region. As another goal of the workshop, we would like to create fields of interest, publish results or introduce related activities/projects of participants.

Therefore, speakers and participants are highly welcomed to contribute articles to the forthcoming issue. The respective Call for Papers will be published soon.


 For further information check our Website.

  Keynote speakers: 
  • Fiona Krakenbürger, Civic tech community manager
  • Irendra Radjawali, Social activist
  • Wimonsiri Hemanton, Researcher
  • Hong Phuc Dang, FOSSASIA founder
  • Andreas Pawelke, Lab director

  Please note:

  • The event takes place at the Bonner Universitätsforum from May19th to 20th, 2017
  • The language of the event is English
  • Please register online!

  A co-operation by

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       Südostasien InfostelleAbteilung Südostasienwissenschaft

 Kindly supported by:

Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung


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