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Prof. Dr. Anna L. Ahlers

Permanent Visiting Fellow

Dr. Anna L. Ahlers
Anna Lisa Ahlers

Associate Professor - "Modern Chinese Society and Politics"

University of Oslo
Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS)
China Studies Section

Postboks 1010, Blindern
0315 Oslo

Tel.: +47 228 56857


Dr. Anna Lisa Ahlers (*1982) studied Sinology and Political Science (International Relations) in Tübingen and Beijing (Peking University 2003 and Renmin University 2006-2007). Her master’s thesis (2007) dealt with local governance reforms in rural China, taking direct village elections as an example. After graduating, she first worked as Greater China Assistant to the CEO in a strategy consultancy bureau in Frankfurt before returning to Tübingen University in 2008 to take part in a research project on “Local County and Township Cadres as a Strategic Group in the Transformation of Rural China” (led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Heberer und Prof. Dr. Gunter Schubert). At the same time, she also held a position as research fellow and junior lecturer at Tübingen University’s Chair of Greater China Studies. After spending one year at Academia Sinica’s Institute of Political Science (IPSAS) in Taiwan, she completed and defended her Ph.D. dissertation on Constructing a New Socialist Countryside in Contemporary China – Analyzing Policy Implementation in Four Counties” in February 2013.

Since March 2013, Anna has been a full-time postdoctoral fellow at the Forum Internationale Wissenschaft, Department of Comparative Research on Democracies, where she is currently preparing a research project on Authoritarian Inclusion?! – Local Strategies for the Provision of Public Goods and Services in Contemporary China”. She is an associate member of the German research network “Governance in China” (funded by the Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF). Her other research interests include comparative research on modern authoritarianism, the conceptualization and operationalization of political legitimacy, decentralized rural urbanization with Chinese characteristics, and the (political) identity and impact of ethnic Chinese (“Overseas Chinese”) in Thailand.

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