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Changing border regimes in European Union and the US

Research conducted by Lena Laube

This project continues research that I have started in 2007 in the course of my dissertation (received PhD in 2012) on border and asylum policies in the European Union and the US.

The empirical studies are based on data collected by the DFG-funded project "From Container to Open State? Border Regime Change and Personality "of the SFB 597 of the University of Bremen between 2008-2012.

Current topics and research questions:

  • What are the principal opportunities and risks of the EU member states strategy to externalie border controls (e.g. delegation to other states or private actors)?
  • How do border regimes incorporate the paradigme of full political inclusion characteristic of modern societies?
  • What is the role of liberal cosmopolitcan norms on border and admission policies in developed democracies? What is the role of religion in the design of border regimes?
  • How does a changing visa policy of the EU member states impact on their asylum policies over time?
  • How do states make sure that the states they cooperate with in terms of mobility control comply with their rules and interests?


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