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Lorentz Center (Leiden) hosts Workshop on the Politics of Climate Engineering

What are the politics of a technology that “remains to be invented”?
FIW postdoctoral researcher Dr. Julia Schubert (Department of Science Studies) and her colleague Dr. Ina Möller (Wageningen University) have received funding to address this question. The two researchers will organize an interdisciplinary workshop on “The Politics of Climate Engineering”, hosted by the Lorentz Center at Leiden University and funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO), with additional support by an Early Career Partnership grant from the Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences (KNAW).
The workshop addresses the emerging politics of so-called ‘climate engineering’ measures — large scale, intentional interventions into the Earth’s climate, envisioned to stabilize global temperatures. It explores the conflicted status of climate engineering as these measures are highly controversial, remain largely speculative, and yet are increasingly built into climate policy making. The workshop seeks to shed light on the notion of the political in the context of this apparently technocratic debate and examine how climate engineering reflexively links climate science and policy.
With this initiative, Julia Schubert and Ina Möller want to set up an interdisciplinary network of critical scholars and policy experts who are working on related topics.
Due to COVID-19, the group will meet online this fall, with the face-to-face meeting in Leiden postponed to next year.