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New FIW Working Paper published

The twelfth FIW working paper was published in Oktober by Giovanni Maltese on the topic of a poststructuralist approach to religion studies. The working paper can be downloaded as PDF.

New FIW Working Paper published

Working Paper 12: Towards a Poststcucturalist Approach to Religion

We are pleased to present the twelfth FIW Working Paper: "Towards a Poststructuralist Approach to Religion: A Response to “The Label of ‘Religion’: Migration and Ascriptions of Religious Identities in Contemporary Europe” and a Critique of “Multiple Religious Identities" by Giovanni Maltese (Department of Religious Studies, Forum International Science). The working paper also contains an introduction by Adrian Hermann (Department of Religious Studies, Forum Internationale Wissenschaft).

The FIW Working Papers are peer-reviewed papers from the ongoing FIW research. The aim is to give an insight into our work and to discuss our research at an early stage.

The current as well as all previous working paper can be downloaded here.


Abstract: This working paper presents three perspectives on the ways in which a labeling of social actors, processes, or conflicts as ‘religion’ or ‘religious’ plays a central role in disputes about migration and identity-formation in contemporary Europe. From the perspective of world society theory, the examples discussed here could be interpreted in regard to the concept of ‘responsivity’, i.e. responses inside a particular function system like religion to expectations and developments in other societal functions systems.


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