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FIW Working Paper No. 13 published

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The FIW working paper No.13 by Ariane Kovac on evangelical communities in Ayacucho, Peru, was published. The working paper can now be downloaded as PDF.

FIW Working Paper No. 13 published

Working Paper NO.13

We are pleased to present the FIW Working Paper NO.13: "Redeemed, reborn, forgiven. Local processes of forgiveness and reconciliation in post-civil war evangelical communities in Ayacucho, Peru" by Ariane Kovac. Ariane has worked as a student assisant at the FIW for several semesters. Adrian Hermann (Department of Religion Studies) war superviser to her MA theses at University of Bonn.

The FIW Working Papers are peer-reviewed papers from the ongoing FIW research. The aim is to give an insight into our work and to discuss our research at an early stage.

The current as well as all previous working paper can be downloaded here.


Abstract: During  the  Peruvian  civil  war  in  the  1980s  and  90s,  evangelical  and  especially pentecostal churches experienced an enormous growth in the Andean regions highly affected by the violence. Drawing on field research, this paper sheds light on the role these churches played and still play in the aftermath of the conflict in Ayacucho, where survivors until today do not only have to deal with economic devastation and the loss of tens of thousands of human lives, but are also confronted with a complex social landscape where lines between victims, perpetrators and bystanders have often been blurred. Although evangelical churches did not establish any institutional mechanisms regarding the violence and its effects, they provided their adherents with  ways  to deal  with  their  experiences  and  to  work  on  local  processes  of reconciliation: Conversion gave former perpetrators a chance to credibly repent. For victims, evangelical belief and theology and especially the practice of forgiveness gave them a possibility to explore alternative pathways to justice and to manage to cope with daily life in a complex and unsafe environment.


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